Let's Start the Conversation About Exercise and Nutrition

Craig Daugherty - Flex Fuel CEO

Well, this is my first blog for our website so I'm pretty excited. So to kind of give you an idea or "introduction" to myself so to say, I have been involved in the fitness industry for almost ten years. I started as a trainer and worked my way through the corporate ladder, however my biggest passion was the connection and the friendships that I have built over the years with personal training. The biggest struggle that I had being a trainer, was not being able to truly help my clients make that "complete" transformation they wanted. Being a trainer you sit down and try to map out the best training program you can for your clients every day, week or even month. I would sit and rack my brain all the time and even questioning my ability as a trainer, because when it came into "Weigh-In" time or "Assessment" time after the first few weeks why the results or progression would slow down so dramatically would frustrate me. Finally, I talked to someone much wiser than myself and he said to start asking or tracking how their diet or nutrition was on a day to day basis. Now, being 22 at the time was, I really didn't pay attention to my diet. I worked out hard, but I wasn’t eating very well at all. I had what some I guess would call a "six pack". So to me I didn't quite get the concept, but I wanted to be the the best trainer I could so I started tracking my own diet. Over time, looking over these daily entries I noticed actually how bad my eating was. It was kind of replication of some of my clients’ diet…But don't tell them that…To them I ate chicken and broccoli everyday! Unfortunately, over time, I realized it was a trend across the board with a lot of my clientele. See the biggest so called "myth" out there is, if your workout hard and often, you'll get to your goals and you can just continue your "bad" lifestyle. Some of you may or may not have heard the phrase "you can't out train a bad diet". This is true due to the fact that when you exercise you are actually burning very little calories. Now there are a lot of different ways people go about exercising and we will dive into that another time, but we want to focus on the effects nutrition and exercise. Let's look at it like this, when you train muscle you create little microscopic tears in them. What happens from there is, your body sends a signal to the brain saying it needs to be fixed. That "soreness" your feeling is lactic acid built up in your system and is telling you it needs attention. Now without going down the rabbit hole of science I want to keep it basic and simple, what that "attention" is, is the proper nutrients it needs to rebuild but rebuild a little stronger and a little better. Here is the sad part, if you do not pay attention to that signal your muscle will just waste away and then all that training you did is in vein...Ouch! I personally struggled with this too years back, because when I was trying my hand at being a bodybuilder and I was training my butt off, however I couldn't quite understand why I wasn't growing more. Once I finally got out of my own way and got help, I really focused on giving my body what it needed as far as nutrition and proper supplementation went...whoa! The results were amazing. Your proper Macronutrients allows your body to be able to utilize your body's stored fat as energy and retain muscle. A lot of people do not realize this, but your body's metabolism is determined very much by how much lean muscle your body carries. Now Macronutrients are basically the proper Protein/Carb/Fat ratio that you need specifically to perform at your best and be a fat burning machine, not a fat storing one. With the proper macros you would be able to train hard and give your body the right amount of nutrients. That allows yourself to continue to build lean muscle. Over time, you burn fat not only while you exercise, but even when you aren't! Imagine burning fat while you’re at your desk at work… Or sitting on the couch watching TV… Or better yet, while your sleeping! Every week your body is changing showing you some sort of progress, whether it be through how you look or even how you feel. You start getting up with more energy and stamina because your body recovered properly rather than waking up every morning feeling like you went 4 rounds in the octagon with Rhonda Rousey! I will continue to educate and help guide you down the path to finally move towards the direction of being better educated when it comes to exercise and nutrition. I look forward to your feed back on what you like to hear about or know more about, so please submit suggestions! I'll leave you with this though... For every pound of muscle that your body puts on it burns 50 calories from fat. For every 10 pounds of muscle your body puts on it burns 500 calories from fat during rest. Now you take that and multiply that times 7 days, well that equals 3,500 calories. You may or may not know, but that's 1 pound of fat your body burned without doing a single thing! Let's, as a family, work smarter not harder and finally start a shift or movement to really get out of this temporary mindset of "dieting" and move towards making it a lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise!


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