Step Away from the Scale

Step Away From The Scale

So many women (and men) have a problem with obsessing over the scale. I know first hand how hard it can be to NOT consume your life with the numbers. I had a problem with this for a VERY LONG TIME. I even let the numbers on the scale affect me so much in high school that I had an eating disorder. I would struggle with not eating at all and then when I would finally eat a meal, I would binge. I was always very active. I cheered in high school, but even at what a perfectly healthy weight according to BMI standards, I was extremely self conscious. My problem continued all the way into my early 20’s. The pressure of society to be “skinny” caused me to get down to 102 lbs. I was “skinny”, but I was also tired, sick all the time, and moody. My nutrition was HORRIBLE. I wasn’t giving my body what it needed to function properly. The most frustrating thing was even though I was thin, I was what some call “skinny fat”. “Skinny fat” is when you have relatively low levels of lean muscle and too much body fat. The numbers were dropping on the scale, but I was STILL not happy! I started going to the gym, but I didn’t know how to work out properly. I only ran on the treadmill, because I was so scared of the free weight area. One day, I met a trainer in the gym who offered his time to help me. He promised to show me how to use free weights so I was finally brave enough to pick them up. He also told me to NOT look at the scale until he asked me to. This was extremely hard, but I was determined to get my dream body. Of course I was worried about gaining muscle and looking masculine, because I had heard that’s what happens. He made me trust him and I had nothing to loose since I was already unhappy with myself. I gave it my all and trained every day…and I trained HARD. My diet changed as well. I started asking questions on what and how to eat. I soaked everything up like a sponge. I had so much more energy and my body went from being able to not eat for sometimes days to not being able to go more than a few hours. It felt so good though for once. I started noticing my body change. I wasn’t turning into a man though… I was gaining CURVES. I never thought that would happen! My waist shrunk and my body started filling out exactly how I had been trying to get it to for years! I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t the only one who noticed either. My self confidence was boosted because for the first time, I actually had people complimenting me and asking me to teach THEM what my routine was. When weigh in time finally came, I couldn’t Ω TR5believe my eyes. I had gained 12lbs. My pant size was the same, but I had lost and gained in all the right places. I had heard a million times “5lbs of muscles is different than 5 lbs. of fat”, but I never truly wanted to believe that. I studied exercise science, but I would never dare experiment on my own body prior to then. I actually threw away my scale and it felt so good. I felt so good. My new mission was to build my perfect body, not reach my perfect weight. I even decided to set goals to start competing. I finally felt free. If I could give advice to anyone that asks now, I would tell them to STOP OBSESSING OVER THE SCALE!!!! It’s okay to weigh yourself, but limit it to no more than once a week. Proper nutrition and exercise is how you get to where you want and sometimes it takes time!! I will forever be thankful to my trainer who taught me how to fuel and build my body…but mostly importantly build my happiness and acceptance with myself.


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