Build/Athletic Plan

Designed with a higher intake of lean protein and complex carbs, this plan is best suited for athletes or clients looking to optimize muscle growth while minimizing fat gain. 

Macronutrient Design Ratio For Build Plan- 

35% Calories from Protein - 25% Calories from Fat - 40% Calories from Carbohydrates

Approximate Meal Breakdown - 440-600 Calories per meal

Protein  Fat Carbs
39-52g  12-17g 44-60g

***Meals in this program are based off a 2100+ Calorie plan. Depending of number of meals selected, supplementation may be needed to meet caloric goal.

If you choose to customize your plan and select your own meals, the menu selection link will be in your order confirmation email.

Don't see a meal plan to fit your needs or need help picking a plan? Email us at or call 678-940-3110 for assistance.

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